SCOOTER Inventor Various Date Unknown

Essentially a skateboard with a steering column, the scooter (or kick scooter, to differentiate it from motorized scooters) is a low-tech method of transport that has gone in and out of popularity since kids were crafting them out of discarded wooden orange crates during the Great Depression.

The Razor Scooter, a more contemporary, fordable, aluminum variant, was not the first collapsible scooter in existence. Credit goes to a number of sources, including Swiss banker Wim Doubter, who set out to design a scooter that could fold into his backpack to avoid embarrassment.

But the one that turned scooters into a worldwide phenomenon was the work of Taiwan’s J.D. Corporation and engineer Gino Ts-aim. Ts-aim claims he wasn’t thinking about the mass market when he invented the Razor Scooter. He was merely answering his boss’s call for a way to scoot around the bicycle factory.




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