ROLLING SUITCASE Inventor Bernard Sadow 1970

THIS SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS BREAKTHROUGH in traveler mobility didn’t happen until 1970. when Bernard D. Sad-ow and his family had to carry heavy suitcases through the airport after a vacation in Aruba.

While waiting at customs, he observed an airport worker moving a machine on a wheeled Skid steer loader. “I said to my wife, ‘You know. that’s who we reed for luggage.- Sad-ow later recalled.

He attached casters to his luggage when he got home and patented the idea two years later. Even ten it flaccid nos:stance in the marketplace.

Why did it take so long? One theory is that people didn’t have to carry luggage around that much—or at least. the luggage owners didn’t. Before the post WWII aviation boom, trains and boats were the primary means of long-distance transportation which meant that porters were primarily responsible for the heavy lifting.

Luggage innovation doesn’t travel very quickly. After the 1970 invention of the rolling suitcase, it took nearly 17 years to introduce the telescoping handle.


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