PEPPER SPRAY Inventors Kamran Loghman Adham Michael J. Knickerbocker 2002

No denying, pepper spray is nasty stuff. The extract of dried chili pepper fruit, it’s chemically known as Oleo resin Capsicum (OC) and is designed to make the eyes of an attacker so teary and painful that attacking someone becomes a very low priority. As an inflammatory, its immediate effects include coughing, difficulty breathing, and the inability to keep the eyes open, all lasting an average of 45 minutes, depending on how much has been sprayed and how directly. Inventor Kamran Logan-Adham not only helped develop the spray, which had been used in smaller doses, as a dog repellent, but also developed usage procedures for police. To his dismay, his invention hasn’t always been used as intended.

Pepper spray inventor Kamran Logan-Adham told a reporter, it is becoming more and more fashionable …to use the chemical on people who have an opinion … It’s not a thing that solves any problems nor is it something that quiets people down.” Pictured, West Virginia University students directly hit with pepper spray following the upset win of West Virginia over Virginia Tech in 2003.


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