DRY- ERASE BOARD /MARKER Inventor James E.Ar-berry 1939

SOMETIMES IT ISN’T THE PIONEER WHO GETS CREDIT. Instead, it’s the guy who first slaps his name on a product. And so, while versions of dry-erase boards (aka white boards, as opposed to blackboards) were being developed for years, Michael Boone’s Boone Boards were the first targeted to the consumer market.

Pittsburgh inventor James E. Ar-berry patented the white-board in 1940, citing its light weight, durability, easy-to-clean surface, and pleasing color as advantages over traditional slate.

The first whiteboards marketed in the 1960s used wet-wipe markers, so they didn’t stay white for long. Pilot Pen patented the first dry-erase marker, invented by Jerry Woolf, in 1975.


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