CURLING IRON Inventor Hiram Maxim 1866

INVENTORS GONNA INVENT Which is why it’s not so unusual that Hiram Maxim, the man who designed a machine gun and gun silencer, also held a patent for a curling iron … and then went on to create a headlamp for locomotives.

Of course, Maxim wasn’t the first to alter the structure of hair with heat. People have been doing that since be-fore the discovery of electricity. Ancient Persians, Babylonians, and Assyrians were among those who heated and shaped their coifs.

How does it work? Applying heat breaks down the salt and hydrogen bonds in the cuticle and cortex of each hair follicle. This gives time to craft the hair into a new shape before the cooling hydrogen and salt bonds come back together.

The result? A whole new do, if your hair can hold the curl.


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